making new style doll

Posted By: Patricia Mal

making new style doll - 05/24/15 12:15 PM

I have just bought a new doll pattern from ebay.
The body is made with stockinette. Which I am longing to try.
I have never used this material before and have no idea where to buy it or what to get.
I have looked on the internet, but there is so much on there it is no help.
So therefore I am having trouble understanding the instructions.
I would be most grateful for any tips or suggestions.
Posted By: Susan Helene Kramer

Re: making new style doll - 05/24/15 12:37 PM

stockinette is stretchie material - think spandex garments. Use a serger to sew seams.
Posted By: Sheryl T

Re: making new style doll - 05/24/15 03:07 PM

Trying looking at youtube. Whenever I start to get confushaed about anything I just go to youtube to see it visually.
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