Posted By: Meg_Homeschooling human vs animal digestion - 03/14/08 03:36 PM
Does anyone know of a resource for teaching an upper elem & middle school kid the differences between human & animal digestion?

They have just finished human digestion in depth and asked about how it differs from animals. I was going to pick books about a variety of animals, but it's not easy finding readable/interesting books about animals that cover digestion.

Posted By: Bonniesa Re: human vs animal digestion - 03/16/08 12:29 AM
Have you checked the sites for national geographic and discovery channel? Here is what I got thru a google search:

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Posted By: Meg_Homeschooling Re: human vs animal digestion - 03/19/08 02:18 PM
I didnt think about grossology, we have several books in the series! Big duh!

Check overstock, you can occassionally pick up the grossologies for $2 or $3.

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