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An algae bloom can turn your favorite beach into a scene from Dr. Seuss: imagine seeing a green fuzzy carpet of algae as far as the eye can see instead of a cool blue ocean. Find out what causes these harmful algae blooms.

Algae Blooms

Check out the article above for an overview of algae blooms. See the following websites for current events involving algae blooms:

The algae is coming but its impact is felt far from water

Toxic algae spur warning at Lake Erie beach near Toledo
Posted By: paulspurr Re: Algae Blooms - 12/20/16 05:55 AM
Thanks for the information.
Posted By: Lisa LowCarb Re: Algae Blooms - 02/02/21 08:39 PM
We just had an algae bloom turn our fish tank into thick pea soup, so it can happen anywhere. We added in an UV light which cleared it out in just a few days. We can't do that with the ocean, though ...
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