Posted By: ~ Rae ~ What types of body piercings do you have? - 04/25/03 09:21 PM
Please let us know what body piercings you have.
Just my ears and only one hole in each ears.
Ears and Nose
Ears 5 holes in each plus tattoos of flowers and surrounding the piercings.
Posted By: DaZi Re: What types of body piercings do you have? - 08/17/15 05:17 AM
Ears, but want to have an eyebrow
I have two piercings in each ear, which in 1984 was considered VERY avant-garde. No tattoos. Nowadays I think Kat Von D would look at me and yawn.
only on ears and nose
Only on ears....
An industrial, two regular piercings in each earlobe, and a vch. Still have plans for more.....
4 regular piercings on each ear lobe.
I have 2 in the left ear and one in the right ear. I want to get a nose pierce but I am afraid to. I for some reason, think in my head that the nostril will hurt. Any thoughts?

Mary Caliendo
Tea Editor
I have 2 in each ear. Planning to get a nose piercing next month and a navel piercing tomorrow.
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