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Which One Should I Use � Trademark or Copyright?

If you have a blog, are thinking about writing a book or you submit articles to article directories, this is something you should know about and understand . . .

In the United States, protecting your Intellectual Property can sometimes seem like a maze of forms, definitions and governmental jargon. The key to understanding if a trademark, copyright, service mark or patent is right for you, is to first understand the basics of what you are trying protect.

Here is a direct link to the article: Which One Should I Use � Trademark or Copyright?

Happy writing!

Thanks for sharing. A lot have been actually confused with the nuances of these terms. And sometimes, culture becomes the factor why these terms are at times interchanged. We should just make the cut clear before semantics make it blurry.
You are absolutely right - if you think you're copying someone's materials then you probably are!

Copyright filing is for musicians, artists, novelist, graphic designers, etc. for the protection of their original and unique work. Trademark filing is used for an individual or business to protect their logos or symbols of various goods and services.
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