Adult survivors of child sexual abuse have great difficulty with trusting those closest to them for fear the person will hurt them. Learn how sexual abuse affects the survivors sense of trust.

Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse and Trust
Well I have to agree that yes that a child sexual abuse survivor has the difficulty of trusting others and as well as trusting themselves. It has lots of effect not only physically and also mentally. Thanks for this note.
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Thank you for sharing in the forum. Did you read the whole article? If you click on the hyperlink Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse and Trust in the original message it will take you to the article.

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There are people who think that child sexual abuse is not such a big deal. As a teacher who has worked with kids who were abused, I honestly don't see how they could think this way. Sexual abuse affects children in so many ways. These include trust, body image, sexual expression, self-injury, and addiction issues. I am sure that there are many more ways that they are affected. If you know of abuse, report it!
And there are people who thinks that when it happened when someone is young they will not remember it. These types of people are heartless and I wish them all to have what they think is nothing important to happen to them.

I have been abused and still am abused right now, sexual abuse never happened to me but still I know it is awful and people who are sexually abused never fully get over it and I will still empathy for these victims even if I would of never been abused myself. Empathy is something that is in extinction in human beings.
I left home at 15 yrs old cause of years of sexual abuse from my father What hurt more than that was my mother knew and her words to me were "As long as he's touching you he's leaving me alone"
Read the article, the starting sentences are really touchy. I have a son and a daughter. And believe me I can not trust anyone to take care of them. As we both are victim of child abuse we are always tensed about people, even the near and dear ones. I don't know whether we are going to get read of this or not.
I think as families have gotten more isolated that things like this can become easier to hide. It was harder when multiple generations lived together and visited each other regularly. Now families can be on their own with nobody knowing what is going on within those walls. We need to build more of a community mentality again, to look out for each other.
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