What are your thoughts on drinking alcohol while breastfeeding. Why do you think this is such a hot topic (the article on this consistently receives the highest hits of any on the BellaOnline breastfeeding site)? Check out the article and give your feedback, thoughts and experience...

Drinking Alcohol While Breastfeeding Article
Why is it so hard to not drink alcohol for the time you are pregnant and breastfeeding? Why even risk it for just one part of a second? If you cannot even wait that time to drink alcohol or to eat, drink or do something that could or is harmful to a fetus and to a baby then you should not have children!
Posted By: radiologist Re: Drinking Alcohol While Breastfeeding - 06/14/13 06:27 AM
Thanks Nicki for sharing important article here. It's very interesting topic. Thanks a lot......:)
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