Katrina did you do anything to help?

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Katrina did you do anything to help? - 09/03/05 01:30 PM

I hear a lot of people who are NOT sympathetic to the folks hurting from Katrina, People say they had warning they should have gotten out? Although, I dont know how you get out if you have children and no car and no money.
I hear people saying they are just a bunch of looters
So I am wondering if people are going to support the red cross or give money to telethons or is it a different feeling?
Did you do anything to help give? Are you planning to?
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Re: Katrina did you do anything to help? - 09/03/05 05:08 PM

My emtire community is helping--and Memphis is a pretty big community! I haven't heard anyone say they wouldn't help. We have phone banks, numerous volunteer drives for food, water, toiletries, money. And many, many shelters. Even businesses are donating cash, services, etc.

Here's a link-BellaOnline ALERT: Raw URLs are not allowed in these forums for security reasons. Please use UBB code. If you don't know how to do UBB code just post here for help - we will help out!
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Re: Katrina did you do anything to help? - 09/03/05 10:10 PM

We signed up to be a host family for some of those that are displaced. I'm hoping I can write an article about it (as soon as I get permission from the guy in charge) - but in the meantime, if anyone is interested, here's the website:
I had been so frustrated, because we have very little money to spare with all of our medical expenses, and live too far away to make an immediate difference, and then I saw this. I can share my home, and I can share my food, and my church may even let me use their van to go get a family to come stay with us; so this felt like a wonderful opportunity to help.
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Re: Katrina did you do anything to help? - 09/04/05 03:05 AM

We are helping in many ways.

One of the problems is the lack of humanity displayed by those still in New Orleans. Instead of complaining they should have solved some of their own problems.

Instead of leaving dead bodies lying around, move them to one spot.

No, there isn't water, but place the trash in one spot.

Currently the National Guard is trying to evacuate people and some still refuse to leave their homes.
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Re: Katrina did you do anything to help? - 09/04/05 07:34 AM

Some people are insensitive to everything, and if they have never been through a bad hurricane they do not have a clue. What I have been hearing in NW Fla is "why didn't NO have a plan (the powers that be), and why didn't the people do something to help themselves beforehand?" When we hear of a storm entering the Gulf of Mexico, or sooner, hotel reservations out of town are made by those affording it, cars are gassed up, gas cans filled for generators, the grocery stores get in extra hurricane supplies, food,ice, water, batteries. There is a routine and everyone just does it and then waits for the storm to decide where it is going. If we feel we need to evacuate we get the hell out of dodge, early if possible. Find somewhere for the pets if you can't take them with you. It is a judgement call and it is better to be prepared and not need to take action, than to be caught at the last minute in a desperate situation because you did nothing and hoped the storm would go someplace else. After seeing what Ivan did to my house and neighborhood, I would put my cats in carriers and grab my birds in their cages and strap them all to my bicycle and pedal my way inland before I would stay and risk my life and theirs. People along the Gulf Coast should have some sort of mandatory hurricane preparation; we do it here automatically. We know when the storm leaves, there might be no electricity but ice and water will be coming, and MRE's if needed. Able bodied people need to make a plan for their families, so the sick and elderly can get the help they truly need. Find out the flood zones and lowlying areas, and evacuate SomeWhereElse! Even a few miles can make a big difference. I am hoping some of the negative crabs will change their tune when a little time has gone by; a month from now money and donations are still going to be needed. I heard from my Mom the church has 100 school children that have just arrived, in need of uniforms. After I finish TCB at the uniform store, I am shopping for the items requested by the church. Just thinking about doing this gives me a big warm fuzzy all over and I can't wait til today gets here.
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Re: Katrina did you do anything to help? - 09/04/05 02:49 PM

It's interesting to see how well Mississippi handled the hurricane vs. NOLA.
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Re: Katrina did you do anything to help? - 09/04/05 11:20 PM

I wrote two articles, just to list resources for people who survived the storm. Because so many of those who did not evacuate or were caught by the storm in shelters were families like those in my neighborhood who stayed behind to care for vulnerable family members, I collected links to sites for families of people with disabilities.

There are people in other affected states who did not see the Red Cross of any federal help for days. It is clear now that something went wrong with coordination of information and rescue efforts. I saw interviews of police officers, medical staff and others on the front line. No food, water or supplies had been made available to *them* in the first days following the storm, and may not have come today.

Hospitals and emergency services should have been prioritized to receive water, food, and fuel for emergency power. Medical teams in our area were ready to help out days ago but were not called in at the beginning of the crisis and some may still be waiting for the call.

I don't wonder now about the failure to evacuate so many people. There is nowhere for them to go now that they are homeless, where would they have been evacuated to if they had resources, transportation, or government help to try to leave before the storm?

Thousands did go to shelters like the sports stadium in New Orleans to wait out the storm. It did not sound as if there were sufficient supplies brought in to support the number of people who sought shelter even before the flooding.

Now we need to see what effect the displaced low income people will have on resources that were stretched and being cut for existing low income neighborhoods in the cities where they have found refuge.

Pam W
SE of Seattle

Hurricane Katrina - Help the Families

Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief - Children with Disabilities,
Health Issues or other Special Needs (has been updated daily)
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Re: Katrina did you do anything to help? - 09/05/05 02:48 AM

My family and I are helping. We went through our clothes. I have 2 small kids, so I have alot of kids' clothes. It never entered our minds not to help those in need. Actually this has been great for me. I felt so helpless and now I have places lined up to ship our stuff to and know it will help. We got things at the store today too. My deal is even if the people had gotten out, they still would have been homeless now. You can only take so much with you when you flee from a hurricane. I can't see the kids on TV and not help them.
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Re: Katrina did you do anything to help? - 09/15/05 03:18 AM

Musical MOM , Firefly Judith and BellaDeb - you guys are beautiful
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Re: Katrina did you do anything to help? - 09/15/05 03:32 AM

Wow. There are some caring, giving folks out there! Keep up the loving ways. <img src="/images/graemlins/kiss.gif" alt="" />

I feel like I should do more than I have done. I am thinking of a plan to help but not sure how to proceed with it just this second.
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Re: Katrina did you do anything to help? - 09/15/05 02:33 PM

it's so inspiring to hear all the wonderful things everyone is doing! i donated money and my family has our vacation home available for any family who wants to use it. i think one thing we can call do is just spread information. i saw this # on the news this morning for missing people, fyi - 1-888-544-5475. hopefully no one you know is missing, but just in case it can't hurt to post, right?
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