Ultimately, men kill and hurt women because they believe they have the right to do so.

Why Do Men Hurt and Kill Women
Posted By: Monarch59 Re: Why Do Men Hurt and Kill Women? - 03/23/19 04:26 PM
I think because men are angry. Women tend to treat men like a second-rate expense account instead of a valued person. One man stated this week--women will accept a date just to get a free meal--because of this women will never be equal to men! Just my opinion. I hung out with boys growing up so when I grew up I fit in with them. I often got complimented--"You are very different from most women." Men like to be treated like a VALUED person. They gave me a lot of respect. I never had to worry of one pushing his limits with me. They are really very simple, they like a GOOD conversation, current events, hobbies, and to hear opinions.
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