Hello Everyone,

It has certainly been too long that I have not been active and you see that emoticon? The one with the blushing embarrassed cheeks? Well, it doesn't really apologise properly. Still. Actions speak louder than words so may my intentions come to fruition. The garden Faeries have said they are going to help.

So, the change of seasons is upon us - here in South Africa we had Spring for all of 5 minutes and we, as of a few days ago, are hitting our hot Summer temps already. I guess you will all be moving into Autumn/Fall in the Northern hemisphere and getting ready for what the Winter brings.

Please let me play catch up here and ask you to tell me what you have been up to in your container gardens? Do you have any specific concerns I may be able to assist you with? Any specific subjects you want to hear about?

Otherwise, I shall post interesting articles on what to grow which you can plan to do if and or when the opportunity arises.

I have moved from place A to place B and have a little patch of garden in front to establish from scratch. I was able to move only a couple of my containers so it's back to the drawing board for me. Still, the ideas bursting out of my mind along with Spring and Summer are overcrowded, and I shall have to choose carefully.

What a glorious past time this container gardening is ... so much to choose from and so much joy. Lucky me I say.

Let me know what you are up to - I would love to hear your stories.
I am slowly getting back into gardening as I have been having treatment for blood cancer. I'm not strong enough yet to hump containers around but I do have some fuchsias, lilies and iris in containers and I also hope to plant up a bright and cheerful winter hanging basket with pansies when I can buy them locally.
Hello there,

I am sorry to hear about your health issues and hope you will continue to improve. Keep gardening in your containers I say, it's amazing what being close to the earth can do for a person's spirits!

You must be a gentle person? Your choice of plants is gentle and beautiful and colourful - just right to build up your spirits.

Your idea to plant up a hanging basket of pansies is a good one too ... another gentle plant! Here in South Africa, in Afrikaans, the name for pansies is 'gesiggies' which means 'little faces' a charming name don't you think? You say the 'g' as you would the 'ch' in the Scots loch.

Anyway, keep going and keep in touch,

Cheers for now -
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