Posted By: Connie - ADD/Sandwiches/Reading Enchiladas Verde - 08/24/16 11:24 PM
Enchiladas Verde Recipe

Karen, this looks so fresh! I will definitely make this. I think that I will adapt this recipe for vegetarian friends. I'll use refried beans in flour tortillas and cover them with your luscious sauce. Maybe I will make it as written, but substitute Quorn for the chicken. Either way will make a tasty meal. Once my husband can eat again, we'll serve this to our friends.
Posted By: Karen - Quick Cook Ed Re: Enchiladas Verde - 08/26/16 04:10 AM
That's great Connie. I'd love to hear how they turn out. I wouldn't recommend flour tortillas, though, since they tend to get soggy. The corn tortillas have texture and hold their own.
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