The health insurance exchanges have opened today. You may want to wait a few weeks to buy until the first wave goes through since some of the states have been slow to implement their plans. This allows plenty of time to browse the options.

Have you looked at them? What do you think of the plans?
Posted By: Jilly Re: Health Insurance Exchanges are Open - 10/23/13 05:48 AM
I honestly have no idea what to do about this new law.
Jilly, you are not alone. I have always had my own health insurance and as far as I know I am still covered. I hate to think of having to go through the exchanges to get coverage.

It is a shame that the systems were not up and running properly. I am sure there are people who desperately need insurance, but maybe the exchanges should be took offline for a month until they get the whole thing working properly. I certainly hope they can, anyway.

Are you planning on signing up for insurance? Has anyone here tried and how did it go? Please share to help us all out, if you can.
Posted By: Jilly Re: Health Insurance Exchanges are Open - 12/06/13 07:59 PM
According to the new laws, if you don't get the insurance, you end up paying steep fees after 2014. So Dan will have to get coverage (i'm covered through the arizona medicade program).

It all seems very confusing so far.
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