Posted By: Sandra Investing/HFinance Writer's Insurance? - 08/21/12 09:42 PM
When I was looking for insurance for a small business I came across a company called RLI and they were offering insurance for writers. Anybody have an idea what this insurance would cover?
Posted By: AKLisa- Knitting Editor Re: Writer's Insurance? - 12/05/12 03:43 PM
Is this an insurance to cover your writing, or more for medical and life insurance? I know that there are some freelance writer organizations that provide medical insurance to their members. The deductibles are higher than what many regular employers offer, but it will keep you from going bust in the event of an unforeseen illness or injury.
Posted By: Sandra Investing/HFinance Re: Writer's Insurance? - 12/11/12 01:49 PM
I believe RLI was offering coverage for a home business/liability policy. As I understand it, liability would be for defamation or plagiariam.

I've seen policies for medical and life insurance for writers but have never really looked into them.
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