Posted By: Lisa LowCarb Win a California - Wilson Phillips CD - 12/16/12 08:36 PM
Enter to win a delightful California - Wilson Phillips CD! Full of great songs by the popular band.

The first one to answer THREE trivia questions correctly will win the prize. This contest is open to anyone living in the US or UK who is aged 18 or older. Only posts that are unedited will be accepted as answers. Prize will be shipped to the winner at no cost to the winner. The prize will be one CD which is worth $12.00. For complete rules, please visit

Please only enter one contest at a time! You can only win one prize in a given time period.

Question 1:
What is the capital of California?
A) Los Angeles
B) San Diego
C) Sacramento
D) San Francisco
Posted By: Beetlemess Re: Win a California - Wilson Phillips CD - 12/18/12 09:58 AM
duh... 'C'. All the other letters are lower case. Hint: only one capital letter in the name for the answer.
LOL Beetlemess - what a great technique! You are quite right!

So the score is:

Beetlemess: 1

Question 2:
What do They Say it Never Does in Southern California?
A) Rains
B) Has Football-Sized Hail
C) Earthquakes
D) Sinks Beneath the Sea
Posted By: Beetlemess Re: Win a California - Wilson Phillips CD - 12/20/12 09:58 AM
I'm just playing devil's advocate to spark up some interest & inputs. I already have this CD & consider it a pretty good collection of their talents; Listen to it often. Man it pours - I'm sure that Albert Hammond & Julio Iglesias know when to break out an umbrella.
That's sweet of you, Beetlemess!

Yes I own a copy of the CD too and enjoy it smile
Posted By: ambr461 Re: Win a California - Wilson Phillips CD - 01/11/13 04:21 PM
Ambr461 -

That's a good guess, but it's not correct!

The quote is from a song, that's a hint for everyone!
OK a hint - the song was sung by Albert Hammond in 1972 smile.
Posted By: bevhen Re: Win a California - Wilson Phillips CD - 01/22/13 04:11 PM
C Sacramento
Dear Bevhen -

We're currently on question 2! Do you have a guess for question 2?
A They say it never rains in Southern California
"it never rains in southern California"
Wow, nobody has played this in a while. Next question, or are we editors not allowed to sweep?
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