Posted By: Axeniya Essay - 03/04/21 02:02 PM
You wrote the essay yourself or ordered from the writing service?
Posted By: Encore DT Re: Essay - 03/04/21 06:58 PM
I would say that it is best to write it yourself. With so many writing services these days, it is hard to tell who is reputable and who is not, who will provide original content and who will "paraphrase" something that was already written by another writer. Plus, most essays require that the submitter writes it themselves.
Posted By: gidobra Re: Essay - 03/30/21 09:14 PM
Oh I think it can be combination. You can find good topic on some online services and write by yourself ot you can look at some templates. I use the combination. I was searching some topics on the templates website and look some templates and then write by myself. I don't remember what websites it were but maybe I can search it on my pc
Posted By: gidobra Re: Essay - 03/31/21 01:20 PM
And again this is a tricky question :confused:. It’s hard to tell what you’d get as a result. Many of my friends used such services. Some failed, some had decent grades. I think your professor would always spot whether it was you who wrote the paper. That’s why just use essay templates. They will help you in writing and shaping the paper according to the college standards.

I don’t think you need to worry about how well-known the website is. It’s like composing a resume based on the Internet samples. Just Google it. I just did and found Essay Sampler (example: ), Template Tab, and many others. Such websites usually have plenty of topic to choose from. From bullying to the Ancient Rome history.

Anyhow, best of luck!
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