Posted By: SpiritualArtist Resigning - 01/26/09 02:09 AM
I would like to say goodbye to all the Creativity Site readers. My life has become a bit hectic and I'm afraid I have to stop writing for the time being for the site. I enjoyed writing for the site and interacting with all of you on forum during my time with Bellaonline. Best to all of you. smile
Posted By: mary-tea1 Re: Resigning - 01/28/09 03:20 PM
Deb, So sorry to see you go, please come back soon when the "hectic" stops.

Mary Caliendo
Posted By: Chelle - Marriage Editor Re: Resigning - 01/28/09 05:21 PM
I am very sorry to see you go, but hoping when all settles down you will be back! (After all, I've done it) grin
Posted By: Lori-Marriage Re: Resigning - 01/28/09 05:31 PM
Thank you for a great site and please do come back soon! smile

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