Hallmark - tips for journaling

Posted By: Angie

Hallmark - tips for journaling - 01/08/18 11:05 PM

Hallmark sent out an ad with tips and journaling was included. There are tips on types of journaling, focus, spirituality, etc. Of course, there are ads; they would like you to buy a journal. Any book will do and do you remember, Doogie Howser? He had a digital journal; me too. I've kept a digital journal off and on for more than 15 years.

Here is the link
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Re: Hallmark - tips for journaling - 02/10/18 03:39 PM

Dear Angie,

How did I miss this~ I've just included journaling into my life (while I did it before, I was sporadic in my entries) now I make it a small morning goal each day! Ok I'll check out the link you provided.

Mary Caliendo
Tea Editor
Posted By: Angie

Re: Hallmark - tips for journaling - 11/16/18 01:39 AM

How is the journaling going, Mary? I'm sporadic lately but did take up blogging on Wordpress - mostly family history.
Posted By: Angie

Re: Hallmark - tips for journaling - 11/28/18 12:26 AM

I repaired the link to my blog. I didn't realize the link was broken.
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