Posted By: CarlaCano-Walking Editor Transformation Tuesday - 04/22/14 11:09 AM
Transformations are a wonderful motivation to sticking with any fitness program.

They come in many forms. It may be weight loss. It may be toned muscles. It may be a healthier diet. It could be completing a marathon.

Whatever transformation you have succeeded please share with the community so that we may all celebrate with you as well as get some motivation to continue to reach our own personal goals.
Posted By: CarlaCano-Walking Editor Re: Transformation Tuesday - 04/22/14 11:12 AM
I am still working on my transformation. It has been a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. I want to move to a diet of about 80% raw. I love raw fruits and veggies and know they are healthy for me. I am about 50% raw and am working toward that goal.

I drink raw smoothies and juices to help me get to that goal.
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