What is your favourite Thai dish?

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What is your favourite Thai dish? - 06/16/05 09:09 PM

When you go to a Thai restaurant what do you "always" order? Is there one dish you wish you could make at home?

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Re: What is your favourite Thai dish? - 10/19/05 11:46 PM


It's whatever I ate last. Tonight I made a Thai flavored version of Chinese congee - which is a pretty free form dish anyway - with jasmine rice, penang curry sauce (Mae Ploy), dried black fungus, lemongrass and makrut leaves, dried orange peel, chicken stock, shrimp, asparagus tips and some shavings from the leftover Cajun andouille sausage we had last night. A dash of lime juice splashed on at the end. It was delicious. Sort of a mongrel dish but its ancestry (in my head and fridge) was Thai. Don't think there's a name for this one, though. But this is half the fun of cooking, isn't it?

I must do variations on Congee about once a week. Bhutanese red rice is awesome in congee and what I add varies each time.
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Re: What is your favourite Thai dish? - 10/30/05 07:28 PM

This sounds wonderful! I bought some Thai brown rice just yesterday. I think I will try a joek (rice congee) using this brown rice from Thailand. Sometimes I flavour the joek with pandanus.

I usually use broken jasmine rice for joek. Have you tried the broken jasmine rice? It is simply wonderful with curries and stirfry dishes as well.
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Re: What is your favourite Thai dish? - 10/30/05 09:31 PM

I love Thom com Ghai (I hope I didn't butcher that!)
Any way, it's the chicken & coconut soup.

I love making it especially when its chilly out, or when I've got a cold, because the curry just kind of opens up the sinuses and its so soothing.

When I make it at home, I don't make it with quite as much heat as normal, because my children would never eat it, and I add jasmine rice to it as well. But i make a huge pot, and it still doesn't last more then 2 days!
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Re: What is your favourite Thai dish? - 06/20/06 05:09 AM

Pad Thai; it's incredibly delicious! The peanuts mixed with the (almost) sweet-an-sour-like sauce swimming with the limes and mung beans is simply too much for me to resist.
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Re: What is your favourite Thai dish? - 06/20/06 04:52 PM

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Re: What is your favourite Thai dish? - 11/01/06 06:42 PM

My all time favorite is Pad Woon Sen. It's thin glass noodles (I get it with chicken), some veggies, scrambled eggs and scallions....

I adore this dish but yet the Thai place won't give me their recipe, nor can I find it on the internet.

If you or your users can help, I would be forever grateful!!!

Thank you!
Posted By: Nampung

Re: What is your favourite Thai dish? - 11/14/06 05:42 AM

Miang Kham is my favorite Thai appetizer and I love Lad Na as a main dish.
And I cannot forget THAI ICED TEA!!

Oh an Pinky58 I will locate that recipe for you! Give me a couple days.
Posted By: dmoreau

Re: What is your favourite Thai dish? - 11/28/06 08:36 PM

I always get the spicy beef salad. And it's a salad, so that makes it healthy, right?
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Re: What is your favourite Thai dish? - 02/21/07 11:43 PM

Gaeng Kah Wan - It's a Green jade Curry kind of dish with a coconut milk base... I always get it with Seafood.... Served with White rice... #5 spicey

and a side of spring rolls with extra peanut sauce please !!
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Re: What is your favourite Thai dish? - 03/26/07 02:11 PM

My 2 favorite thai dishes are: pad thai with chicken and pad kee mao (spelling?) so yummy and spicy also with chicken...this is making me hungry!!!
Posted By: Snjezana

Re: What is your favourite Thai dish? - 07/10/07 10:19 PM

My favorite is also PKee Mao/Drunkards Noodles. I made the recipe on this site and it is the best I have ever eaten!
Posted By: Eng Culture Nicola Jane

Re: What is your favourite Thai dish? - 03/04/08 09:06 PM

Thai Green curry with vermicelli noodles
Posted By: sean009

Re: What is your favourite Thai dish? - 05/27/08 05:36 PM

I love eating Thai rice a lot.
Posted By: Chelle - Marriage Editor

Re: What is your favourite Thai dish? - 05/27/08 10:20 PM

OK, I've got to add to the Tom Kaa Gai, Massaman Chicken (my husband introduced me to this and I'm hooked!)

And someone mentioned Thai Iced Tea - Yes!
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Re: What is your favourite Thai dish? - 06/20/08 05:02 AM

Pad thai is my measuring stick for Thai restaurants. Must not be grey or sticky, lots of bean sprouts, chicken and shrimp, peanuts and loads of lime wedges. Then my favorites are Thom yum goong 5 hot (that's the fiery shrimp/lemongrass/mushroom soup that comes in a lit server); spicy catfish; laab (hard to find when it's perfect but it must have lots of cilantro, onions & pepper); a hit-the-roof relish of braised fresh thai chilis and onion, (you know, those mean little mothers that my chickens destroy); green papaya salad (don't let them substitute carrots); and oh yes, spicy garlic scallops, and a red tamarind curry.
Can you tell I'm an addict? Can't wait to go to Thailand as a foodaholic. I'm going to look for ShoeGal's green jade curry!
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Re: What is your favourite Thai dish? - 09/24/08 05:20 AM

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Re: What is your favourite Thai dish? - 09/24/08 03:49 PM

kazyz, welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy your stay!
Posted By: C.C.

Re: What is your favourite Thai dish? - 10/14/08 04:56 AM

My favorite is the Phad Se-ew (I hope I spelled it right) with tofu...large rice noodles, broccoli, black bean sauce, soy sauce, sugar and mildly spiced all stir fried together. Yummm!!! I love the intense garlic flavor along with the spiciness of the black bean sauce.

All curries are great too. Green, red or yellow... I like them all!

I also like basil based stir fry. smile
Posted By: Jason - Vegetarian/PC

Re: What is your favourite Thai dish? - 12/01/08 11:23 PM

I'm a Thai Curry junkie!!! smile

Every time we go to a Thai restaurant I have to get at least one curry with coconut milk.

Love the green, yellow, red... love it all.

So far my favorite dishes are:
Panang Curry
Yellow Curry
Green Curry
Larb [all w/ fried tofu]
Vegetable fried Rice
Stir fried Morning Glory
Coconut Ice Cream
Thai Iced Tea w/ Boba

There's something about the curries with the kaffir lime leaves and lime juice added to them that just puts them over the edge. You gotta live life over the edge at times. wink

Posted By: Libra20

Re: What is your favourite Thai dish? - 12/02/08 12:24 AM

Pad See Ew or Pad Thai, depending on if I am in the mood for slightly sweet or more savory.
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Re: What is your favourite Thai dish? - 12/07/08 08:07 PM

My favorite dish at my favorite Thai restaurant is a type of curry. I don't know what its called, but it is a bit unusual in that the curry sauce is made using dry ground spices as opposed to the wet curry paste used to make yellow, green, red, penang or musamun curries. I just tell them I want "the other curry"! They know me well enough and know exactly what I am looking for!
Posted By: Lori-Marriage

Re: What is your favourite Thai dish? - 01/27/09 10:24 PM

Mee Krob! Do you have a good recipe for that? We also love Tom Yum Goon and Spicy Fried Rice.

And all the curries, of course! Yum!
Posted By: teafortoday

Re: What is your favourite Thai dish? - 10/18/09 07:06 PM

Pad Thai, pineapple fried rice, that stuffed chicken thing with the cherry sauce. I just like Thai food.
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Re: What is your favourite Thai dish? - 10/18/09 07:09 PM

Ummmmmmmmmmm, chicken and coconut soup
Posted By: Katherine-SouthernCooking

Re: What is your favourite Thai dish? - 01/07/10 06:24 AM

Drunken noodles with chicken. The hint of mint, the heat of chilis. The crunch of broccoli and the succulent noodles. Just yummy. I have to try your Sea Bass with lemon grass, though. That sounds awesome. I'm always looking for good (and easy) fish recipes. There are only so many times you can bake a piece of salmon.
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Re: What is your favourite Thai dish? - 09/16/10 06:06 PM

Tom Yum Soup is one I always love. With lots of chile peppers for that extra zap! smile

Stay healthy,

Nancy Welker
BellaOnline Yoga Editor
Founder, Nutrabeautiful, Inc.

Posted By: Les Ex-BellaOnline Ed.

Re: What is your favourite Thai dish? - 10/29/10 10:27 PM

Having worked in Thailand as a chef for five years there are so many favorites but I would have to say either Larb Gai (spicy minced chicken salad) or Yam Nua (spicy sliced beef salad) or Tod Man Pla (fried fish cakes with spicy cucunber salad).
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Re: What is your favourite Thai dish? - 12/16/10 09:16 AM

sounds awesome ,though i have never ate the Tai food ,who can tell where i can find the Tai food in shenzhen city of china .
Posted By: MaryAnneThaiFood

Re: What is your favourite Thai dish? - 03/06/11 03:13 AM

I asked friends in your city about Thai food restaurants and all say only in Hong Kong. I have only eaten local Guangdong cuisine in Shenzhen. Sorry not be able to give a suggestion. You might ask at Western style hotels if they have a Thai restaurant as that would be the best place to find this delightful cuisine.
Posted By: Noemi

Re: What is your favourite Thai dish? - 04/20/11 08:30 AM

Pad thai (boring, I know!), glass noodle soup, and red chicken curry - mildly spicy, please.
Posted By: amelia1170

Re: What is your favourite Thai dish? - 10/30/11 10:26 PM

Larb gai - or other types of larb...
Posted By: gladstone

Re: What is your favourite Thai dish? - 04/17/13 07:57 AM

I don't eat in Thai restaurants in England anymore, the last one I did eat in was David Thompsons Nahm before it closed so he could focus on the Bangkok branch and it was excellent. I have lived in Thailand and cook my own Thai favourites 3 or 4 nights a week and know its closer to real-deal food than I could get at a take away here in London. Nam prik ong - a nam prik is a relish or dip, we don't really have a word for what it is in English. This is one with tomatoes and ground pork and is served with par boiled or raw veg. Kaeng Som - sour curry, normally Kaeng Som Pla, sour curry with fish, might appear on an menu as an &quot;orange curry&quot; and is one of the non-coconut milk based curries. Sen Lek Moo Look Chin Nam - a noodle and pork meat ball soup, similar to Pho but quicker to make! Kaeng Hang-Lay - this is a Thai version of a Burmese curry, its quite dry but seriously tasty, with pork and star anise and peanuts, no coconut milk again - have a look at for a really good recipe. Tom kem pla sy keun chai - this is a salty, sweet fish dish that just cries out for a load of rice to mop up the sauce with, with garlic and coriander root and palm sugar this is a truly representative taste of Thailand. Kaeng Panaeng neua - Panang curry with beef, rich and salty, coconut'tee and hot - finshed with the fresh anise taste of Thai basil (Bai horapha) this is a firm favourite of my other half as well as myself.... Moo krob - crispy pork, often deep fried pork belly, served with nam pla prik, chilies in fish sauce, this is perfect snack food for when you're having a few drinks.... Oh and Khannom jeen! These are slightly fermented thin rice noodles, they are impossible to get outside of Thailand fresh but similar dried noodles are available, and the dish of Khannom jeen nam ya pla - a refreshing fish and green bean dish with a grachai (lesser ginger/key ginger) based sauce and a poached egg is the perfect mid morning snack!
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