Glass Noodle Soup

Posted By: Lisa LowCarb

Glass Noodle Soup - 03/17/08 02:28 AM

I just want to take a moment to rave about glass noodle soup. We just came back from a Thai restaurant - they have a buffet every Sunday so we go there occasionally so Bob can get buffet and I can get my favorites.

I always get glass noodle soup. It is just sooooo good!! Is this easy to make at home?

Does anybody else love this soup?
Posted By: Heather - Chinese Culture

Re: Glass Noodle Soup - 03/17/08 02:32 AM

What does it consist of, Lisa?
Posted By: Lisa LowCarb

Re: Glass Noodle Soup - 03/19/08 04:01 AM

At this restaurant, I think it's a chicken broth base with a shrimp or two, the glass noodles of course, maybe lettuce, some carrots, and that might be it. I'm not sure of the spices though.
Posted By: Lisa LowCarb

Re: Glass Noodle Soup - 03/06/11 01:10 AM

Just checking in on this - does anyone know what spices are involved in glass noodle soup? I'd like to be able to make some! Thanks!
Posted By: MaryAnneThaiFood

Re: Glass Noodle Soup - 03/06/11 02:56 AM

Glass Noodles are easy to make at home. You can buy Bean thread noodles in packets with a broth packet or in bulk packages. Often the bulk packages are in pink netting and very inexpensive. They will be labeled as Chinese vermicelli, rice noodles, or bean threads, or if from Thailand they are called woon sen.

They are available in similiar packages as Top Ramen in most Asian markets. Here is an easy to make at home Wunsen/Woonsen soup recipe:

If you buy the individual packets one packet will serve two as a first course or one as a lunch. You can add diced veggies such as mushrooms, onion, and protien such as lobster balls. I love the Thai lobster balls which when boiled in the soup broth prior to adding the noodles become very light and fluffy.

Many fish balls from China have a rubbery consistency which you may or may not "love".

These rice noodles are very popular in Thai salads as well like Yum Woon Sen Gai (Bean Thread Chicken Salad).

Hope you give this easy wonderful soup a try!

Posted By: MaryAnneThaiFood

Re: Glass Noodle Soup - 03/06/11 02:56 AM

Check in the Thai Food section for Woon Sen and many other tasty easy to make at home Thai noodle recipes.
Posted By: Lisa LowCarb

Re: Glass Noodle Soup - 12/25/11 12:55 AM

Dear MaryAnne -

I updated your post so it has the UBB code in it, and it's working now! I appreciate the recipes smile
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