FYI - Webprofitcoach...

Posted By: Elleise - Clairvoyance

FYI - Webprofitcoach... - 07/03/10 06:19 AM

A company called, "Webprofitcoach" can be with a .com or not has or is making its rounds.

Debit's in the amount of $40.00 up to over $100.00 are being taken out of accounts.

I haven't any idea if this is due to the 4th of July or not but we just looked into our own account a day ago, and found a foriegn debit, neither of us had an accounting of.

We called our bank and just to be sure it wasnt' anything my husband or I possibly forgot had the bank look into it and it's a scam.

They traced the ip address's and it's outside of anything after they went through all of our other debits, anything to do with regular withdrawals for monthly expenses..
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