It's not unusual for loved ones to make their presence known in one form or another during meaningful or special days throughout the year. Dreams especially.

This past year, my husband's grandfather came in a dream in Dec. I was connected to him but had only met him twice. In the dream I was standing on the outside of a foyer that lead to an old time barber shop. He was sitting in a chair, a mirror behind him. I had a camera and mentally said, "They're never going to believe this," and took a photo. As the photo developed, though I knew he had passed, he showed up in the photo a solid figure. I on the other hand was translucent. You could barely make me out. I went to take another photo and only half of my translucent figure was captured. Then I woke up.

Come to find out, the family had a mass for his birthday in memory of his passing. I had no idea it was his birthday that day. In fact I had the dream, while they were actually holding the mass. I slept in late.

Did anyone else have an experience over the holidays or any other day that held meaning either to you or a loved one?
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Elleise, I'm so glad you posted that
On Christmas eve I dreamed that my son Tommy was holding my hand I could actually feel his hand We were walking there was nothing around us but light and peacefulness We weren't even talking just walking When he stopped and said mommy you can't come any further you need to go back He just disappeared and I woke up
Tommy was killed in 1985 and was just 13 yrs old
Thank you for sharing your dream

It's my opinion and/or feeling you were actually there. I've had (not a lot) a few experiences like what you've described. The part where they tell you, "You can't (or are not allowed) go any further really caught my attention.

Going back, if I had to, to describe it, it's the biggest tug or weight a person could ever feel.

In all of my experiences it's one of the most purest ones of love we can have. When you are sent back, there are so many feelings - they don't have there that we didn't even know we've become accustomed to here. Even gravity has its issues.

But the communication, the level of it I mean. It can't be duplicated here. No matter how advanced we perceive ourselves.

They already have it perfected. We're lucky where if the we're able, we're allowed, if just for a moment to go back to the most essential element we come smile
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Thank you Elleise
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