I read your article of the same title. Very interesting. I was on the fence about these kind of things until just recently. I had a ghostly encounter in a parking garage after an interview and things mysteriously disappearing from my room.

I understand losing things but it's beyond that. They're all things that have to do with communication...cell phone charger and other such things. I have a specific place I put them. I've been through every drawer/cabinet in my room...weird.
Hi Jana,

I'm sorry I missed this. I'll have to try to find the article. I don't remember which experience I was writing about. There have been a number of them.

I've not had many where items go missing. More like fuses going out or lights, microwaves, stereos, etc. (electronics) doing odd things.

I believe very much we go on after this physical experience, leaving a little bit of essence behind. It's possible we've magnetic sources within this realm and between the two "Physics" type elements, they provide a foundation for these types of things to thrive?

I'll throw in brain activity, like a radar or sonogram able to identify certain activities as well - the Sixth Sense kind of thing.

Hi Karen,

No problem. Thanks. I'd love to read it when you find it.

It's weird, the main things that go missing from here are things that have to do with communication. And it just seems to be me. It doesn't happen to anyone else.

I can't blame it on anyone else that's lived here because my mom and dad are the original owners.

I don't know if this could be a similar scenario, but when I was young, every morning around 3:00 (it's always 3:00 or around there) for 3 days in a row, my mom told me she would follow me down the stairs, through the living room around the corner into the new wing and I'd just stand there in my nightgown looking up to the NE ceiling corner and answer questions.

Sometimes I'd have things with me. Others, she'd put things down in my path after I'd go to sleep or arrange the furniture differently. I'd never look at them, but she knew right then I was sleep walking. Because I'd be staring straight ahead.

I only remember one thing from that. The 3rd night she gently woke me by brushing my arm. When she asked who I was talking to I said, "The 3 Angels. Don't you see them? There's one to the left, one to the right and a tall one in the middle."

Who knows? When I can sleep, night time seems to be a playground of sorts smile

It could be. I'm not really sure. I had kind of an uneasy feeling again last night, but it wasn't bad. Once I finally fell asleep it was better. But now I'm missing a camera. It's just a small one but I've had it on my shelf for over a year. Geeze...
When things like this have happened to me or someone that comes to me, at the rate it seems to be happening for you, I've suggested filming and/or taping during the night hours or hours that go missing physically. Say you're out and about or at an office.

In one scenario, the woman used a recorder on the computer. She contacted me shortly after, scared to death. So, I offered that the computer could have picked up something else online and to try it again with a separate VAR, but with the addition of some type of carrier, like the hum of a fan.

It took her awhile to try that one as the first scared her, but she wanted to know. That picked something up too and she never wanted to do that again.

Having said that, she felt at least she wasn't imagining things and decided to confront it head on.

Somewhere between here and there we've a porthole of sorts, meaning we're really not disconnected from where we came. However, different influences can reach us whether they're simply emotional, mental or physical. It's my view that any one of these can open that porthole a bit more.

It would be interesting to see, if you set it up, what exactly a recording instrument might pick up, asleep or just out and about confused
It sure could. I've thought of that Karen. It's just really weird. I understand her being scared. It's only happened to me a couple of times in my room. It was totally unexpected. It would be very interesting indeed.
Posted By: stardrifting Re: Is there a ghost in the house? - 06/13/15 12:02 PM
Speaking of Ghosts or strange encounters, about 10 years ago I was sitting at my computer late at night when no one else was awake. I suddenly felt this very evil presence behind me, It was overwhelming and only lasted for a few minutes. I felt it move across the room behind me and quite frankly, I was too scared to turn around and look. I've had weird things happen to me like that all my life. I used to quite frequently (and sometimes still do) wake up out of a dead sleep and be
'held down' or paralyzed by 'something'. It's very disturbing and scary for me. I can actually feel the pressure of something holding me in place.
Posted By: "Rosie" Re: Is there a ghost in the house? - 01/03/16 05:15 AM
Yes I have and it was the most terrifying thing that ever happened to me
My daughter at one time was into satanic worshiping down in my basement she had a satanic bible, a chalice, among other things
I threw every thing out
Then something bad was in my house I saw it It's hard to talk about
But I told the Pastor of my Church. After church was over him and some members of the church came to my house They prayed I prayed
The pastor told me that if i experience it again to confront it with IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST LEAVE MY HOUSE . I saw it again and i said what he told me to say really loud
I watched it float up threw the ceiling The next day my neighbor who knew nothing about was going on in my house told me she saw someone go by her bedroom window . Her window was on the second floor there was no side walk. I told no one out side of the church, family, and close friends. To this day i give thanks to the Lord. If you want to worship evil, Evil will come Be careful who you ask to come into your life
Posted By: bonnieedmonds Re: Is there a ghost in the house? - 09/02/17 02:32 AM
OMG, so scary! My friend use to tell me such stuff. May be or may be not, but she usually experiences it. A few months back, she was very disturbed because of nightmares and all such stuff. She also consults to a voyance direct ( ) to seek what is happening, as she was suggested by her cousin. Don't know what happened next I have not talked to her for 2 months. But what she use to tell me is very scary. Hope she is better now.
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