Posted By: romantic getaways Favorite TYPE of Getaway - 11/11/05 07:15 AM
Ok, so what is your favorite type of getaway? Do you like to hang out a beach resort? How about a cabin in the mountains. Is the desert to your liking? How about an Eco-Vacation?
Posted By: MeganBoardGames Re: Favorite TYPE of Getaway - 02/01/06 01:56 AM
I actually prefer vacationing to big cities. We live in rural Louisiana, experiencing a "foreign" culture and ecology every day (we're both native New Yorkers), so actually, we are kind of "on vacation" in our daily lives, as far as living in a beautiful place with great food and kind people.... I like the hustle and bustle of the city for a getaway.
Posted By: Cheapvacations Re: Favorite TYPE of Getaway - 01/18/07 02:12 AM
I love vacations where there will be a beach for swimming,some
parties,food,music,local trips,plus other activies
Posted By: BellaShorts Re: Favorite TYPE of Getaway - 10/15/08 10:25 AM
I agree with Megan - definitely (for moms and dads anyway) a break from the kids with a city break - such as a city break in a cultural capital like London, where you can both enjoy all the cultural things/gracious hotels you dont usually take the kids to.

For example, museums, art galleries,a London walk,opera - oh and the ballet - Swan Lake is on at The Royal Opera House in London if you can find a hotel near Covent Garden. The Radisson Edwardian is a lovely old-fashioned hotel - somewhere like that would be romantic - or Brown's Hotel, though they might be a bit too traditional and olde-worlde for some.
More details of good places on our london travel diary.....
We have 2 disinct grownup getaways we love, and 1 family.

As a couple, it really depends on ouir mood - whether we need a rest and a chance to catch up on quality time. _ Then we go stay in a beautiful cabin in the Norht Georgia Mountains around Helen, GA. If we can get up there during the leaved changing it is wonderful.

But it is just a cabin with no one else around, we can relax as much as we wan, eat out or cook in - no schedules to keep.

Our other is Las Vegas. This is when we need some Ooomph put back in our marriage - a little excitement. And that place does jive you up!

With the kids we will do either a beach getaway (laidback) or a theme park visit (epsom salts for my feet)
Posted By: Straycat Re: Favorite TYPE of Getaway - 10/15/08 01:36 PM
The desert is our choice since we are train fanatics and the best place to see them is the Mohave desert area. Tehachapi California
has some nice spots in the high desert.
Posted By: davidstuff Re: Favorite TYPE of Getaway - 11/03/08 10:43 AM
I really like to go for the beaches for the getaways. But i enjoyed a lot at Stone Mountain which is at georgia. My getaway was like this..In the daytime, the earthly surroundings will be very relaxing and enjoyable. Come and spend the day, relaxing on your Getaways in Georgia. Walk your dog, and do your exercises in the park portion of Stone Mountain, Georgia. There are concession stands set up for service at Stone Mountain, Georgia, because food always enhances and encourages a good time. From corn dogs and popcorn, to ice cream and drinks, the concession stands will make a delightful accent to your Getaways in Georgia
I sow this place from at a site with address and enjoyed a lot over there.
Posted By: "Rosie" Re: Favorite TYPE of Getaway - 11/03/08 11:26 AM
David welcome to the forum! I also like the beach
Posted By: davidstuff Re: Favorite TYPE of Getaway - 11/04/08 11:16 AM
hi Rosie.
You are the first person i know in this forum. How do u do???
Whats your favorite getaway. its fine to see that both of us like beaches. Can u share some getaways at beaches where u had enjoyed a lot.
Posted By: MaureenM Re: Favorite TYPE of Getaway - 03/04/11 07:01 AM
Mountains & Beach - preferably both at once! Vancouver BC is great for that, but to enjoy the beach part, it really needs to be in the summer (May-Sep).
Posted By: Angela J. Shirley Re: Favorite TYPE of Getaway - 03/05/11 05:55 PM
LOL, I wanted to choose two options but I see you have it set up for only one choice. I chose mountain, although I can do the beach too. But not all day - hot flashes killing me. With him, no hot flashes, but we are both in our 50's and just do not do the sun any more. Gets too hot. Great post and welcome smile
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