Posted By: Angela J. Shirley Romantic Getaways - 01/01/11 10:56 PM
Hi Everyone:

Have you been on a "Romantic Getaway" - we would love to hear from you.

Where did you go?

Would you recommend this location to other folks?

Thank you,
Posted By: MaureenM Re: Romantic Getaways - 03/08/11 01:05 AM
Romantic Getaway To: Palm Desert, CA When: October 2010 Stayed at: Marriott Shadow Ridge Resort. Comments: Loved it. Totally "our speed". Pool area fantastic, enough reclining chairs, no loud blaring music, pool bar nearby, and a separate pool for parents and kids on the other side. Great place to relax. Besides soaking up some sun, we shopped in downtown Palm Springs and enjoyed a couple of nice meals there (when we didn't feel like using our kitchen unit). Great time, highly recommended, and we're going back in March 2011!
Posted By: Angela J. Shirley Re: Romantic Getaways - 03/19/11 04:38 PM
Thanks MaureenM smile
Posted By: Angela J. Shirley Re: Romantic Getaways - 06/05/11 09:11 PM
Tell us about your romantic getaway?
Posted By: JKennedy Re: Romantic Getaways - 11/07/11 02:46 PM
Last time we had a honeymoon, it was on Paris. I miss that :(
Posted By: Encore DT Re: Romantic Getaways - 06/12/12 08:43 PM
We went to Costa Rica for our honeymoon. It was one of our best experiences ever!!! We also crossed the border into Nicaragua for a day and got to see their culture too (cigar making, active volcanoes, etc...).
Posted By: Jackie- SC US/Nat Living Re: Romantic Getaways - 06/12/12 09:45 PM
We went to Panama City, Fl. It was nice, the beaches where so soft and white. It actually squeaked when you walked on it. Had a great time.
Posted By: Nick - Southeast USA Re: Romantic Getaways - 07/10/12 06:23 PM
For our 26th anniversary last month, I found a Bed and Breakfast on a boat. It was a 48' yacht, moored to the pier and we had it all to ourselves. We relaxed on the screened deck and watched dolphins play in the harbor. A deluxe continental breakfast was provided and we made our own lunches in the fully equipped galley. Dinners were out and nice local restaurants. At night, the gentle swaying rocked us to sleep.
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