Posted By: Mlle locating spacer bars?? - 06/14/09 07:35 PM
Hi! This is my first post and I am trying to make a bracelet using an existing bracelet that I own as inspiration. The bracelet that I own was purchased from a street vendor in NYC, and it's made from cheap materials as opposed to be something that was home made, so I gather that there must be some location where I can find the equipment that I need.

First, the most difficult part is the spacer bar. It has 10 holes, and a ring for the clasp (see photos) plus bars in the middle, meant to support the beads.
[let me help out a little with your photo links - JewelryMaking Editor]

I've looked all over the internet for a spacer that has this many holes and is reasonably attractive but I've had no luck.

I've found these, which are gorgeous, but REALLY expensive: nina designs

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
Posted By: JewelryMakingEditor Re: locating spacer bars?? - 06/15/09 09:08 PM
That is such a pretty bracelet. As for the spacer bar question, hmmm ... that's a good question.

You could possibly make a spacer bar with ten evenly spaced loops out of heavy-gauge silver wire like 18 or 20 gauge (the smaller the number, the thicker and stiffer the wire). You could hammer the loops flat or solder them for extra support. That's a lot of effort, though.

Anyone else have any suggestions?
Posted By: Mlle Re: locating spacer bars?? - 06/15/09 09:27 PM
wow! That's a great idea. I've found some very pretty designs online, but they're expensive. I don't know if making them is going to be beyond my comprehension as this is my first attempt at making something, but I suppose I could look into it. thanks!
Posted By: JewelryMakingEditor Re: locating spacer bars?? - 06/15/09 09:39 PM
You're very welcome, Mlle. Feel free to come back to the forum with more photos of what you decide to do!
Posted By: jujubeanie Re: locating spacer bars?? - 06/29/09 05:11 PM
That's a good idea about using wire to make one yourself. Have you checked on ebay? I have found lots of unique beading supplies there.
Posted By: conniem Re: locating spacer bars?? - 06/30/09 11:17 PM
10 hole spacer bar

It isn't near as pretty as the ones on your bracelet...
Posted By: Ann Marie - Fashion Jewel Re: locating spacer bars?? - 07/15/09 08:43 PM
I have found ten hole spacer bars at Fire Mountain Gems dot com. They were sterling but not very fancy. They did the trick though! You should do a search for "spacer bar", because on that site, if you get too don't get any search results. You then have to look through all of the pages of items to find what you need.

I'm not sure about a ten loop clasp. It was awhile since I made a 10 strand bracelet, but I may have attached two strands to each of a five loop spacer bar that I attached the clasp too.
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