Posted By: ] wire wrapping marbles? - 03/25/04 03:37 PM
anyone know a good webpage for directions before I try to reinvent the wheel?

Posted By: WireArtist Re: wire wrapping marbles? - 05/30/04 08:42 PM
You won't find directions anywhere. I'm am the originater... not the imatator! It's my idea but feel free to sell what ya make... it's a free market.
Posted By: ] Re: wire wrapping marbles? - 05/30/04 09:54 PM
I didn't mean "your" wrapped pendent style per se. I think stealing other peoples designs is tacky, tacky...there are several different versions out there including wire wrapping the flat backed marbles (which I think makes them look like big glass butts)...I'm wanting to come up with a simple wrap project for at some point since I have been playing with frying marbles and found out what techniques work best for them!
Posted By: jezebella Re: wire wrapping marbles? - 09/24/04 01:58 PM
One of my techniques is to create a wire spiral a very tight round circle about the size of a dime.
Start from the center leaving enough to make a loop and spiral out from there.
Once you have it in the size that you like, cut and gently push into a slight cone shape. It should look like a straw rice hat with a loop on top. Then using a glue that will adhere to the glass marble, I just glue it in place. If the wire is tight you will not see the glue. It you need to connect from both sides I just allow it to dry and make a second spiral for the other side.
I am new here so not sure how this forum works yet so if you need pics, just site mail me and I will try and figure out how to send the pic! LOL
Posted By: jezebella Re: wire wrapping marbles? - 09/24/04 02:01 PM
Oh, er? How do you "fry" a marble?
Posted By: ] Re: wire wrapping marbles? - 09/24/04 09:30 PM
Thats a great explanation, thanks Kim! I need to sit down and play with it some more, I haven't take the time to do it yet.

"Frying" marbles is when you heat the marbles for a long period of time (I give them about an hour or so in a skillet) then transfer them to cold water (I use ice water) the insides crack all up and it looks really cool!
Posted By: jezebella Re: wire wrapping marbles? - 10/16/04 05:46 AM
Hi Faith, just wondering how you made out with the wire wrapped marbles. Any chance you could show an example of the finished items?
Posted By: ] Re: wire wrapping marbles? - 10/17/04 04:47 AM
I haven't finished them yet...gah!

I fried some marbles and got a few that turned out really well. Unfortunately my kids think so too, they keep stealing them to play with them...I need to find them so I can finish the project!
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