Share your ideas on organizing your jewelry making studio. Hope to hear new ideas and how they work for you. I look forward to reading your tips! Post them here in the jewelry making forum for all to read.
whenever I get new wire, I make sure to place a piece of duct tape around it to hold it wound while having a tag that I can write the metal and hardness. That way, I am not finding random wire and trying to guess what it is later on.
Thanks for the wire labeling tip Lisa. The worst thing is to reach for a spool of wire, and have no idea of the size. I am also curious to hear ideas on storing spools of wire. I bet there are some great ideas out there, waiting to be shared.
I make different categories of jewellery e.g necklace, earrings etc. And I use different locker for each category. That makes it easier for me to find my stuff when needed!
Jewelry is fun! I make jewelry all the time when I am free from my work. It is so instantly gratifying. I'd say, go to the library and find out a lot of books, you may realize nice ideas and techniques. My recommendation would be to sketch out what you want would like to create before you are doing and make certain that everything is powerful and one thing that you just would want to wear.
How long have you been making jewelry James? What are your storage techniques.
Hi Susan - Jewelry Making. I have a passion for making and wearing jewelries and fashion accessories and get start my own store in 2012 to share my passion with our customers. Sorry, but i d't understand "storage techniques".
How do you organize and keep your jewelry supplies and equipment in your shop.
I'm unsure what you mean. We all keep our own supplies and equipment locked up in our toolboxes once we're not working. Flash is hold on on laptop disk, and paperwork in file cupboards.
I keep my wire displayed on a thread rack beside my work space, placed by size and color. I have my tools in a multi pouched canvas bucket set on a Lazy Susan that is wooden and has multiple sections cut into it's perimeter. The bucket sets in the center and is easily spun to select needed pliers etc. my beads are grouped into small five drawer bins bought at WM by color, and my silver,gold and copper findings are housed in separate containers in a larger three drawer storage container to the side of my workspace, all within arms reach which prevents getting up and down.
Wow, it sounds like a very organized system. What type of space do you have for your studio? Thanks for the great ideas!
there is no single idea to make jewelry that I can suggest you but here common thing which everybody do just take yarn multi color put there some pearls with gem stone tight knot now your bracelet is ready I have done it number of time. simple, durable ,liable way to make jewelry
Thank you for your comment Rina. What type of jewelry do you make?
I always look for the jewelry designs as my father is in business having lots of workers, but one thing I would like to say that it takes time to complete the full and final jewelry, but here I would love the read.
I would like to spend some time this summer playing with my beads. I enjoy making earrings and thendonate them to our Women's Guild for their bazaar. I was so discombobulated last year that I didn't get a chance to do anything.
Dear Angie and all other jewelry makers,

I love making jewelry and a long time ago I had an Etsy, I am going to most likely resurrect it again. I enjoy upcycling jewelry too It's a fun new way to look at jewelry making. Like taking bits off something and making it into something else.

My son moved out a bit ago, and while it's been slow, a crafting studio is slowly emerging, and I'm at a place in my life that I'm extremely excited about this!

Mary Caliendo
Tea Editor
I need to clear a space. My daughter in law and daughter like to bead. I suggested we have a get together one day and do some beading.
Hello, how is your jewelry making studio progressing?
Hello, have you started making upcycling jewelry now that your son has moved out? Do you still have your Etsy page? Thanks for the note!
HI Susan!

Well my studio exists, but it is a complete mess~ I have containers and labeled everything but I also combined it with my mixed media, scrapbooking, and writing bins ugh!!! I need to organize better. But truly a lot is going on in that room. I have things organized according to what it is. (i.e. writing, jewelry etc.)

Any ideas out there?
Mary, I had planned to do some jewelry making - have lots of materials but haven't touched it in two years. I did make some earring about 2 years ago and donated them to our church bazaar. That was about it. Too many other irons in the fire.
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