Do you know when you ovulate?

Posted By: Stacy - Conception

Do you know when you ovulate? - 05/18/13 08:49 PM

Hi everyone: I was talking with a friend who was "late," and so she took a pregnancy test. She was pretty surprised when I told her to wait until 10 days late or so because the tests aren't very accurate if you do it sooner. I then explained which phase of the menstrual cycle is longer when you're late, and I felt like I was teaching high school physical education class!

It got me wondering--how many women really don't understand when they ovulate?
Posted By: Connie - ADD/Sandwiches/Reading

Re: Do you know when you ovulate? - 05/18/13 09:54 PM

I used to have physical symptoms most of the time. I could check this by using my temperature records. Now that I'm past 60, it isn't an issue!
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