Posted By: Asha - Dreams Editor Dream Recall - 01/05/16 04:30 PM
Remembering dreams as we wake may seem easy, but we often quickly forget the wisps of memory we capture on waking. Why are you interested in dreams? Discover some easy techniques for remembering and recording dreams.

Dream Recall
Posted By: Deanna - New Age Re: Dream Recall - 01/30/16 02:12 PM
Hi Asha, great article!!

I love those days when my kids and I share our dreams. It really helps them to remember them more too - though I haven't yet been able to talk them into keeping a dream journal. Teens lead such busy lives you know LOL!!!

I really love the idea of the dream art. Though I'm not much of an artist - I think what I'd like to do is collect images, and make a dream collage for a special dream.
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