Posted By: Asha - Dreams Editor Keeping A Dream Journal - 01/05/16 04:26 PM
Keeping a dream journal can help improve your dream recall and give you an invaluable resource for working with your dreams.

Keeping a Dream Journal
Posted By: Deanna - New Age Re: Keeping A Dream Journal - 01/30/16 02:17 PM
And another great article Asha laugh

I am currently keeping my dream journal in a Google Doc. I do this because over the last six years I've moved four times, and another move is coming up LOL!! And I have boxes of dream journals!!! I thought I'd try something non-invasive LOL!!!

What I LOVE about doing it this way is I can type out my dream, and then insert my notes and thoughts through-out the dream in a different color font.

What I don't really love about it - it's not a journal I can carry around in my purse, or leave on my bedside table. Or doodle in, or slip magazine pictures.

I LOVE the act of writing.
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