Sister Wives

Posted By: makesyoulaugh

Sister Wives - 03/01/11 07:29 PM

Who has watched? What do you think of the show and do you have an opinion about the subject being broadcasted?
Posted By: Maria - Prime Time TV

Re: Sister Wives - 04/04/11 04:13 AM

I watch the show and I enjoy it. Although it is not a lifestyle I choose to live, I think that everyone has the right to make their own life choices.
Posted By: mike7184

Re: Sister Wives - 06/03/11 06:53 AM

its an amazing TV show to watch...i like its all character...just love it
Posted By: Deanna - New Age

Re: Sister Wives - 06/04/11 03:16 PM

Hmmm.... I haven't heard of this. I'll have to look for it online.

When are they going to have a show about Brother-Husbands??
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