The first issue of BellaOnline's MUSED Literary Review was published in Winter 2007. For the 15th year, we decided to make some behind the scenes improvements. One of these improvements is to switch MUSED from the present static website to a dynamic Wordpress site.

Static, Dynamic or Hybrid Websites
Posted By: Angie Re: Static, Dynamic or Hybrid Websites - 01/08/22 02:59 PM
Where are they located? Mused is not very well advertised anymore.
Posted By: SunnyWave Re: Static, Dynamic or Hybrid Websites - 01/09/22 01:22 AM
Congratulations with 15th anniversary! CMS is a very convenient system for websites management, even for smaller sites.
Sorry for the very long delay in answering.

Thanks SunnyWave for the nice wishes.

Angie, we haven't gone live with the new Mused site. We are still working on the changes. Here's a link to the old site.
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