Elephant tourism in Asia

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Elephant tourism in Asia - 05/10/19 06:56 AM

History of elephant riding is as old as horse riding. In the medieval and ancient time, elephant was the only means of crossing dense forests safely, collect woods and fodders. They were also used in wars and carriages of royalties and elites.
However in the last few decades torture involved in molding elephant calves, over working, captivation have been the issue of animal right violation. With the advent of automobiles and urbanization, elephants were limited to zoo, circus, logging or tourist safari activities. In the countries where they were used for logging, elephants were given drugs to enable them to work long hours with less food. The use of bull hook / spike hammer, chaining them in lack of space and the punishment involved in training young calves are the cruelty involved in elephant herding.
In the countries like Nepal, India and Srilanka, elephants are mostly used for jungle safari and patrolling of jungle and other environmental works.
Most of these elephants were breed among humans and tourism and conservation is the last job for hundreds of elephants abandoned after they were replaced by automobiles or rescued from circus. Elephants are the most effective means of patrolling jungle and protect other wild animals from poachers.
In such considering all countries as abuser of elephants and avoiding the products or activities that involves elephant is ignorance. After the decades of exploitation of elephants for hunting and wars, government have moved them in the shelter next to jungle in India and Nepal known as 'hattishar'. They roam free in the jungle during the day and go on regular patrolling. They are also used to take tourists on their back into the jungle for [url=]Jungle safari[/url]. The revenue from goes to the local's employment, education and safety from wild animals (electric fencing). This involves locals in conservation of wildlife and the jungle. One very successful example of such conservation is Chitwan national park in Nepal.

Here is how you can support the conservation and make the elephant's life better :

-> Don't avoid jungle safari in your visit to the country.
-> Preach for better treatment of the elephant.
-> Always use government elephant to private elephant. Go no activities like elephant briefing or jungle walk with elephant.
-> Go on jeep safari instead of elephant back safari.
-> Give constructive feedback to the elephant tourism rather than avoiding or preaching negative about the whole place and the country.
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Thanks for your informative post. I recently wrote about a documentary that showed the sometimes shocking abuse endured by elephants. Ashley Bell's "Love & Bananas" is difficult to watch but necessary viewing, I think. Love & Bananas Film Review
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Poor elephants. Such sweet, sentient animals. Why does man exploit animals like that without a care about their quality of life? So sad.
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