Posted By: Angie reindeer - 12/23/16 02:38 PM
Being it is Christmas eNature published an article about reindeer. Some of this information I never knew and I live in a neighborhood overrun by deer. Now I am not sure if deer and reindeer are the same but this is worth reading.

Posted By: Connie - ADD/Sandwiches/Reading Re: reindeer - 01/03/17 06:05 AM
Angie, here is a good video of reindeer migrating. You can see their swimming prowess here.

Reindeer Migration Video
Posted By: Angie Re: reindeer - 01/04/17 02:53 AM
Reindeer video is great - I loved the cowboys on motor vehicles and how the woman grabbed the antlers and turn the reindeer around to go in the right direction. That strait was huge. Thanks for sharing.
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