Parents Need to Teach Animal Awareness

Posted By: Deb - Animal Life

Parents Need to Teach Animal Awareness - 03/22/14 04:32 PM

This week's article holds an issue near to my heart - animal attacks. I get extremely frustrated when the media shows mangled children who suffered a dog attack, when the child incited the problem in the first place. Yes, it is tragic that any child suffers. But, what is more tragic is that parents do not make the time to teach their children the proper means of survival in the world. Yet, people are loath to listen to that statement - because "look at the little mangled child."

It is enough. Here is what really grabs me. I've spent time with children in Africa, who actually live within the wild animal kingdom and yet somehow they do not get eaten. They are able to grow up and raise families of their own. So, we have scores of children living with lions, hippos, jaguars, and so on, but western civilization finds it too complicated to figure out how to live with cats and dogs. No - this is nonsense. Since other media outlets do not want to seem to broach the subject - I most certainly am.

This week's article: Parents Need to Teach Animal Awareness

Please make time to sign this petition to help save an innocent dog from death. His only crime was enjoying the bone his owners gave him and resting in his own fenced in backyard.

Mickey the dog is set to die 25MAR14 without intervention Save Mickey from Death.
Posted By: Deb - Animal Life

Re: Parents Need to Teach Animal Awareness - 03/25/14 05:29 PM

Arizona judge decrees Mickey shall live.
Posted By: Nancy Roussy

Re: Parents Need to Teach Animal Awareness - 04/01/14 03:12 PM

I am so sorry that I missed this Deb!

I heard about this on the internet in many other places and I was happy when the jedge decided that he should live but the petition is still opened and I signed it just in case, that judge or another judge can decide to change this ruling.

And I hope that Mickey won't have to live in a cage or with other restrictions for the rest of his life!
Posted By: Deb - Animal Life

Re: Parents Need to Teach Animal Awareness - 04/02/14 01:56 PM

The dog will be neutered, chipped, and defanged. While I understand the neutering, I believe the chipping sets a dangerous precedence that will eventually make its way into the human legal system, and I am concerned about how defanging an animal cripples the functionality of the mouth.

The thought that runs through my head might sound initially terrible - until one stops and thinks for a moment. The truth is this dog could have very easily killed the child and did not. What puts the pit bull on the notorious list is the locking capability of its jaw. If it doesn't want to let go, it's not letting go. Pit bulls, like any other dog, thrive in loving homes and are actually quite docile. The fact that the dog let go of the boy means he did nothing more than defend what was his. Humans tend to forget that most of the animal kingdom interacts with the world through the face and mouth, not the hands or limbs.

I understand why the judge decreed such measures. I believe this was the act of a judge who did not actually find fault with the dog, but could not appear indifferent to the constituency - particularly since pit bulls are (unfortunately)but a paper formality away from being considered an illegal pet in the state of Arizona. With that reality ever-present, it is a tremendous victory that the animal lived at all, and I believe diminished the stamina behind the attitude that "in an attack, the animal is always at fault."
Posted By: Nancy Roussy

Re: Parents Need to Teach Animal Awareness - 04/02/14 02:24 PM

This is totally sickening that they will mutilate him! He is better off dead than to go through something evil like that and to have to live like that all his life!

Human beings are beyong disgusting!

We hear countless people say that we are better than the rest of the living beings because they say that we are the only living beings with intelligence, empathy, compassion, conscience and a soul but yet we are the only species that hurt on purpose and enjoy it! No other living beings are evil, just us!

I know that by the calendar of the Universe we have not been here a long time but the fact that we can continue to live and do what we do is a crime! I cannot understand why we are still here! All the good that can be done by us is always erased by the bad!
Posted By: Deb - Animal Life

Re: Parents Need to Teach Animal Awareness - 04/02/14 04:06 PM

I appreciate your sharing your frustration and distress. Perhaps the way back to center is to consider the merits of energy. Let me see if I can walk you through what I mean.

Let's look at your comment "he's better off dead."

If Mickey were dead, he would not be alive and with a family that loves him very much. He would be dead.

He would not be able to enjoy the wind and warm sun on his face or play ball with his family who loves him very much. He would be dead.

Is it regrettable that the judge ordered defanging? Yes. I believe that is a fair conclusion. However, we must also consider that had the judge not put forth such a strong order, it would have had the potential for some extremely negative backlash. Keep in mind that people have been pummeled with images of a torn-up little boy, and pit bulls are not well received in Arizona (because of the use of images and the generation of incorrect stereotyping). Images are a powerful tool to convey underlying messages to the human brain(e.g. defenseless child or viscous dog). Hence, when we weigh the positive and negative energies here, we can now see a balance.

Break it down:

1. Mickey is alive and with a family who truly loves him. Therefore, it's positive energy.

2. Mickey is neutered. There are mounds of data supporting the calming attributes of neutering. Further, it prevents the temptation of puppy milling, and reduces canine aggressive behavior. Therefore, positive energy.

3. Chipping: Well, this is more a negative for how I suspect humans will handle humans, more than anything. However, it has no negative impact on the animal other than being able to identify the dog. So let's call this energy exchange a wash.

4. Defanging. I would agree this is a negative energy, much like declawing, or clipping tails/ears. However, we have 2 positive and 1 neutral exchange to the one negative energy. Hence, overall a positive outcome.

Okay, now let's move onto breaking down the sentiments behind the rest of your statement.

Evil is simply a word created to "define" negative energy. It gives the impression that somehow negative energy is wrong, unnecessary, and is in noway bound to every person or thing. By the logic of the Universe and science, this is a grand misnomer. For life to exist there must be positive and negative energy. It is a must.

Throughout the history of the planet disequilibrium occurs, or an imbalance of energies. This is a natural part of living evolution, much like the ebb and flow of the tides. Therefore, chaos does have its place as an important natural order. Apply this knowledge to human behavior and remove the words always and never from your vocabulary, as they generate extreme images in the brain and therefore cannot be trusted. Then, step back and see the species as a whole and consider the positive and the negative - we (like all things) have both. You will likely start to notice a teeter tottering. Now, focus on the positive energy and ask yourself, "How do I contribute my energy to make a stronger positive influence?" When you can answer that question, your distress will subside and fill with purpose.
Posted By: Connie - ADD/Sandwiches/Reading

Re: Parents Need to Teach Animal Awareness - 04/25/14 07:36 AM

When I did home day care, teaching about animal rights was central to the process of raising the kids. When we went to the zoo and they saw other children teasing the animals, my kids and daycare kids were beyond upset. They were practically frothing.
Posted By: Nancy Roussy

Re: Parents Need to Teach Animal Awareness - 04/25/14 07:47 AM

Were your kids and the daycare kids also upset seeing wild animals imprisoned and tortured? Teaching animals rights and going to zoos do not go together since zoos are torture chambers for animals.
Posted By: Deb - Animal Life

Re: Parents Need to Teach Animal Awareness - 04/25/14 02:46 PM

Connie and Nancy,

You both bring up extremely interesting points that happen to compliment each other quite nicely.

I remember the first time I was exposed to a zoo. It was a school field-trip. It felt like walking through a house of mirrors at a carnival. I saw other children standing in front of animal cages laughing, and taunting - almost like they were in glee that it was not them behind the bars. Everything about their eyes and body language seemed aggressive. If I had to paint a picture to describe how the behavior made me feel, I would say it was like coming face to face with Pennywise the Clown from IT. I also remember feeling an overwhelming sadness from the animals. The stench of hopelessness permeated the air. These observations were so powerful that I understood to avoid zoos because they are large sources of negative energy. It's just dressed up to look inviting.

As an adult I'd heard about wild cat sanctuary in Arizona and was curious as to what that entailed. When I got there, I spent hours in disbelief at what I saw. These animals had moved well beyond hopelessness into the understanding that humans harm. There, grew a deep darkness. I am not a person prone to tears, yet I cried for a week. I've spent time with wild animals in their natural environment and did not encounter the level of hostility I felt standing in the middle of that pit of despair. I was enraged that this place dared to call itself a sanctuary.

I would say that Connie's children have a heightened awareness to human behavior, which I see as hopeful news for the growth of humanitarianism. Maybe that leads to an evolved understanding towards sensing and interpreting animal moods on a broader scope, above just humans. And, just maybe that is the necessary component to evolve the understanding that there is little value in seeing any kind of caged animal, for what is observed behind the glass might be alive but it is definitely not real.
Posted By: Connie - ADD/Sandwiches/Reading

Re: Parents Need to Teach Animal Awareness - 08/08/14 09:21 AM

We have quit spraying anything in our yard. This means that we have more butterflies and lightening bugs than anybody in the neighborhood. Our backyard pond serves as a drinking station for all kinds of wildlife, from chipmunks to woodchucks. Birds bathe in the stream and fly down to get drinks. Our toad chorus is truly magnificent.
Posted By: Deb - Animal Life

Re: Parents Need to Teach Animal Awareness - 08/26/14 02:36 AM

I have an orange tree in the front yard. This is the first time I've ever been able to have a citrus tree. I was surprised, as I watched this tree grow, to learn that it has thorns.

The tree has grown enough to encourage wildlife. This year there was a young dove that built a nest in the tree. I was astonished that this nest consisted of little more than a dozen twigs. Though, upon looking at her I noticed she was solo, so I thought she was a super efficient gal. A week later she had two eggs in this nest. All I could do was blink. How on Earth did she manage to hatch two eggs and still have room for herself in this nest of twelve twigs?! I believe it must have something to do with the thorn structure on the branches. I was also amazed that although bees were busy working around this tree, they did not bother the birds nor did the birds bother them.
Posted By: Connie - ADD/Sandwiches/Reading

Re: Parents Need to Teach Animal Awareness - 12/18/14 10:12 PM

I was watching the doves that winter under our deck today. They feed on the see that falls on the ground. Hanging out under the deck shields them from the attentions of the birds of prey that buzz through our yard.

We've always tried to help our kids be aware of the needs of the animals that frequent our yard.
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