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Silence has great power as this self development article shows. If you are aware of how to use silence effectively, this can significantly improve your work and social relationships. It is a very powerful self development tool. Do have a look at this article:

Power of Silence and How To Use It

Do you 'use' silence in any way?

I'd love to receive your feedback so do add your comments, queries, thoughts, etc., to this Forum thread. I look forward to hearing from you!

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Posted By: Krztypie Re: Power of Silence - how to use it - 04/20/20 08:19 AM
Silence is a great tool when you want to be heard. Sometimes, some people tend to ignore what you say because you are open about it. But when you treat them cold and use silence, they start to think and realize how big of a deal the issue is for you.
Originally Posted by Krztypie
Silence is a great tool when you want to be heard...

Hi Krztypie, yes, silence is indeed powerful in that way. Thanks for your feedback, Joy
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