Posted By: i_love_eminem Best rapper - 01/16/05 08:22 PM
Who is your fave?
Posted By: jerrynuevo Re: Best rapper - 01/17/05 01:58 AM
Ludah....jeah baby. Ludacris is the lyrical King. He didn't have to START a conflict to get the title either. M&M is very lyrically gifted but this poll is like...."Which is better, Coke or Pepsi?" Nobody will be proven wrong on this one.
Posted By: Xavier Knight Re: Best rapper - 01/21/05 12:36 PM
Ludah is the man! Especially when i heard that dissing verse he did on T.I. But i still think slim shady can get with the best of them. You right this could be up for debate all day.
Posted By: i_love_eminem Re: Best rapper - 01/24/05 07:57 PM
Hell yea, Luda is awsome. I forgot to add him. Stupid me.
Posted By: Nancy Roussy Re: Best rapper - 10/24/16 04:28 PM
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