Posted By: Barbara - Luxury Travel What's Your Travel Luxury? - 04/09/09 09:42 PM
Everybody has some luxury they indulge in while traveling. Maybe it's a spa treatment, using Frequent Flyer miles to upgrade to Business Class or just an afternoon spent reading a good book without interruption.

What's your favorite luxury when you're traveling? Remember that travel doesn't have to mean some place exotic -- it can be a weekend only an hour from home, too!
Posted By: saurabh1985 Re: What's Your Travel Luxury? - 10/09/09 01:23 PM
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Posted By: NYTravelEditor Re: What's Your Travel Luxury? - 11/30/09 05:45 AM

My new favorite travel luxury is having a driver meet me at the jet way, take my carry-on, zip me through immigration ahead of the lonnnggg line of travelers with a flash of his ID badge, collect my checked baggage and deliver me to a waiting Jaguar that drives me to my hotel.

A good friend and I recently traveled to Paris to visit her daughter who was studying abroad. As a surprise, her husband arranged for the hotel to send the driver/ guide to accompany us. After a long night sitting in "steerage" (can they make those coach/ economy seats ANY closer together and still fit seated adults in those spaces?), I can't imagine a better welcome to the City of Lights!
This sounds heavenly!
Posted By: sailingmaggie Re: What's Your Travel Luxury? - 05/04/12 05:30 PM
I always make time for a spa treatment. Depending on the length of my flight I'll either book it for right when we arrive or after some long, planned sightseeing days. There's nothing more relaxing than a massage and then going back to the hotel room (or a massage in the hotel room - even better!)
Posted By: VintageGS Re: What's Your Travel Luxury? - 05/04/12 05:54 PM
When I travel I always take my own pillow and blanket with me. I feel much more rested that way and can enjoy our vacation.
Posted By: Jilly Re: What's Your Travel Luxury? - 05/05/12 03:13 AM
I always have my pillow unless I am flying or backpacking. And yes, this means i take it car camping. smile
Posted By: johnmorson Re: What's Your Travel Luxury? - 06/02/12 10:50 AM
Where we've stayed when we want luxury: LANAI: Four Seasons Resort at Manele Bay The Lodge at Koele OAHU: Moana Surfrider MAUI: Grand Wailea KAUAI St. Regis Princeville
Posted By: RonP Re: What's Your Travel Luxury? - 10/17/12 12:32 PM
Posted By: badyari Re: What's Your Travel Luxury? - 10/24/12 10:20 AM
I like staying in five star hotels.
Posted By: Barbara -- Editor Re: What's Your Travel Luxury? - 10/24/12 11:16 PM
I agree about The Hotel Danieli in Venice -- it is the definition of luxury!
Posted By: Tina Tourist Re: What's Your Travel Luxury? - 08/26/14 06:43 PM
Whatever savings I get on accommodations (for instance, booking 4-star instead of 5) I always spend on nice meals. No matter what city you're in, there's probably a top-tier restaurant somewhere - so why not enjoy the best of local cuisine?
Posted By: Encore DT Re: What's Your Travel Luxury? - 06/03/15 01:12 AM
I enjoy five star hotels and doing the spa.
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