In view of the articles I'm writing and books on simplicity and organizing I'm reading, I was wondering what ways others have for simplifying and organizing. I'll be first.

One of my all-time, best favorite is making a menu plan and grocery list for the week. I actually did it for a month a few times too. It's my lifesaver. I jot down what we'll have for dinner (supper here in the South), including leftovers and eating out, every night of the week, and then I write down what food I'll need.

I can wake up some mornings in a total fog and stumble to the frig and look at my week's menu to see if I have to thaw anything out or put something in the crock pot. My friends say I'm "anal," but I can't live any other way. I guess I really am anal. smirk
Bettyann, I agree that planning out your menu for the week makes things so much easier. To take 30 minutes at the beginning of the week is much faster than trying to come up with a meal plan each day.
I like to make double batches of some meals, especially soup and freeze them for another time.
Hey, Chloe! I do that too-- freezing. Sure does help when the time is right. A couple of times I did the freezing for the whole month. A LOT of work in one weekend, but a month's work of meals ready to nuke or warm in the oven. Especially during the busy school year! You're right, though, if you just cook double when you make something and put one in the freezer, you'll end up with a good supply. Thanks for the input. b.
Routines. I have one for when I wake up and another before I go to bed. I am working on having one (or more) for in between too.
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