Posted By: Chelle - Marriage Editor 17 Again - 09/03/09 08:35 PM
Think that �17 Again� is just another Zac Efron teen flick for swooning adolescent girls? Think again.

This movie was a lot of fun - and Zec Efron did a great job, but the best friend "Ned" played by Thomas Lennon really stole the show!

17 Again Review
Posted By: Dianne W - Editor Re: 17 Again - 09/05/09 11:22 PM
Great review!
I saw the movie and in the beginning Zac did get his dancing in, we figured he would. I thought it was going to be silly, but it was actually rather cute. I enjoyed it right along side my kids!!!
Posted By: Chelle - Marriage Editor Re: 17 Again - 09/06/09 01:29 AM
Of course he danced some, "man he had to" grin

Wouldn't you have just loved to be Scarlett when they were dancing together?

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