Has Your Opinion Of Barack Obama Changed?

Posted By: Ruthe AfricanAmericanEd

Has Your Opinion Of Barack Obama Changed? - 05/03/08 05:12 AM

In recent light of the entire Reverend Jeremiah Wright incident; has this had any affect on your view of Senator Obama? Or, do you still view him in the same light--whether you were a supporter or not?

Have some been too quick to point the finger? Can we hold Senator Obama responsible for the words and fiery comments of one person? Or, can we separate the two, and see him on his own merits and convictions?
Posted By: SpiritualArtist

Re: Has Your Opinion Of Barack Obama Changed? - 05/03/08 06:21 AM

I personally still view Obama in the same like as I always have, which I'm not going to reveal which way I sway on my opinions in his respect one way or another. However, I think Reverend Wrirght has done damage to his campaign that cannot be undone. The damage was severely done the first time around when he spoke in his own church and was taped for the world to see. Then just when his rhetoric died down he went on tour with the NAACP dinners and the cameras were rolling again on more controversial words, that once again, did more harm, than good to Obama's campaign. I don't know why the Reverend has chosen this point in time to get so verbal with his national preaching. He's got to know it could cause Obama the Democratic election because some voters out there are unable to separate his boisterous religious rhetoric from good solid politics, unfortunately for Obama. That's all I have to say on this matter. It's very sad to see what is happening after Obama has worked so hard to get were he's at. Voters are confused.
Posted By: Blaque

Re: Has Your Opinion Of Barack Obama Changed? - 05/23/08 09:14 PM

The Jeremiah Wright situation has not changed my opinion of Barack Obama. And for that matter, I don�t have strong opinions one way or the other about Jeremiah Wright. He has made some incredibly thoughtless and hurtful comments but jus because I don�t agree with what he says; he has every right to make those statements.
That being said, Barack Obama can not control what his friends, his supporters, his Pastor/former Pastor or anyone else says. I adore my Pastor immensely. But if he said things that were hurtful to other people I couldn�t turn my feelings off and walk away from him as quickly as people were calling for Obama to walk away from Rev. Wright.
Bottom line, Obama should be judged on his words and actions, not anyone else�s.
Posted By: Lisa_Angelettie

Re: Has Your Opinion Of Barack Obama Changed? - 05/23/08 10:17 PM

Nothing Jeremiah Wright has said has affected my opinion of Barack Obama. He's just another clown on stage looking for his 15 minutes of fame. Unfortunately the very theatrics that can attract us towards a spiritual leader are the very same ones that can make him self-destruct. He's no different than many of the other spiritual leaders that have made complete fools out of themselves.

As far as his affect on the campaign. There are people across this country recently interviewed who still think that Senator Obama is Muslim! So how much impact did this really make?

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