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Posted By: evemonn

Newbie - first post! - 08/06/08 06:12 PM

Hi everyone. Ive been a lurker here for a while so thought I'd introduce myself! Im so glad to have found this forum. Its such a joy to read that there are people with the same feelings as me! What prompted me to write the words 'dont want children' into google a few months ago was when a 'child free' friend announced she was pregnant. I was so surprised. I came home and sat at the computer hoping to find a reason why i feel this way. And then I came accross all these listings / forums / articles from people just like me! I was astonished. I dont know anyone in my daily life who has admitted these feeling as I do.
I am a teacher working with small children who I love (is it my imagination or are there a lot of teachers here?). I am 31 and very happily married. When I was younger I imagined I would have children in an abstract way. A few years ago i started to realise that the idea terrified me. (I have realised I might have Tokophobia - but how does one know, and anyway thats just one part of the problem).
I supposed that when the time was right I would feel the urge / the broodyness that I witnessed in other people. But instead my feelings of fear have just increased. I have watched how babies change their parents lives in every way, and their relationship. I love my husband and we live a busy life of travelling, socialising, and lots of alone time. I cannot envisage giving that up.
My husband knows how I feel to some degree - but I dont think he has really thought about it deeply yet. He's soooo laid back about everything and has said - there's plenty of time to decide. But I feel that there isint plenty of time and I feel the weight of the decision pressing on me daily. I worry that I'll never be sure either way. The old chestnut - I'll regret it later keeps rearing its head. My sister wants to and cant have kids so there is a great sadness in her life about that. She left it too late.
Anyway - so sorry this is far too long and rambling. Just one more thing - thank God for this forum!
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Re: Newbie - first post! - 08/06/08 06:52 PM

Welcome to the world of childfree forums, eve! There's a whole community out there for you to explore, with great resources and great people, ready to help!

I also know a few CF teachers, who have walked in your shoes and would enjoy talking with another of their own.
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Re: Newbie - first post! - 08/06/08 06:53 PM

Evemonn, welcome to the forum. Hope you enjoy your stay.
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Re: Newbie - first post! - 08/07/08 12:03 AM

I know - I'm super excited to have found this place, too! It's so wonderful to find a group of people just like you. It seems like there are a lot of us newbies around. How lucky that so many of us are suddenly finding our way here!
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Re: Newbie - first post! - 08/07/08 05:00 PM

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Re: Newbie - first post! - 08/07/08 07:35 PM

welcome! I've been absent for awhile but after a trip with a couple and their baby this last weekend; I feel a need to be around people with similar views about being CF. I'm so thankful I can come to this site at times like this to know I'm not the only one. It's so different hanging around a couple after they have a baby. It's just not the same as it was before they had the kid. Kind of depressing for me anyways. Everything you do has to revolve around the baby. Activities they can go to, eating around their lunch schedule, making sure they have their nap time, etc. Not for me!
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Re: Newbie - first post! - 08/09/08 10:51 AM

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