The Courage to Face Superwoman

Posted By: Patricia - No Kids

The Courage to Face Superwoman - 09/01/13 08:38 AM

Do you feel the media is partially to blame for promoting the “Superwoman” image?

The Courage to Face Superwoman
Posted By: Burt B.

Re: The Courage to Face Superwoman - 09/01/13 10:03 AM

It's funny you just posted this because I was watching a video on what's currently going on with Marie Osmond...

Perfect makeup, perfect hair, fashions up the gazzo, hour-glass figure, 8 kids, and makin' money with nutrisystems !!

All projecting what you should be doing to be like me... but, you can't be me because your income doesn't match-up.

I ran across an article from a gal who honestly states reasons for not having children:


My parents waited until their 30's when they knew what they wanted - I've been with a lot of women who said, "I wish I waited".

The article above pretty much sums up my views.

I hope you can get something out of it.

I'm not distracting from your beautifully written and heartfelt article, I'm just pointing to a gal who successfully overcame the 'superwoman' edict much like yourself.


Burt B. smile
Posted By: Patricia - No Kids

Re: The Courage to Face Superwoman - 09/03/13 11:58 AM


Thanks for your feedback. Interesting article, I would agree with a few of the items listed.

No problem sharing articles or resources, that's what we're here for :-)

Thanks again.
Posted By: missyT

Re: The Courage to Face Superwoman - 09/06/13 01:55 PM

I don't know about the media, but I suppose there is some unseen pressure...I think it comes from this, "I can do anything a man can do, plus the regular woman things" attitude. I'm not into that at al, and I don't get the motivation. When I see "superwoman" I think that her life seems overwhelming and miserable without a second to nurture herself or her marriage. So I don't think it takes courage, just knowing what you want!
Posted By: Sandra Investing/HFinance

Re: The Courage to Face Superwoman - 09/06/13 04:36 PM


I enjoyed this article. In fact, I have read and enjoyed many of your articles.

I agree that the media takes some blame in the Superwoman image. Frequently, the media promote a "be all, do all" image that is really an illusion. I wonder if it didn't begin to some extent with the women's revolution in the 1960's and 1970's. At that time, I think women were trying to prove that they could enter and compete and succeed in the workplace, but still keep a home. Somehow that became overemphasized that women could do it all, all the time.

The media took this natural transition and promoted this image as the ideal rather than a necessary transition period for women to become more active in the workplace. Unfortunately, this has done a disservice to women. Everyone has limitations and doing it all is not really advantageous. Hopefully, in time, the media will start to portray a better image. In the meantime, women can challenge these beliefs of Superwoman and begin to appreciate their selves as they are - real human beings.
Posted By: Patricia - No Kids

Re: The Courage to Face Superwoman - 09/08/13 08:46 AM


I agree in that the perception of "superwoman" appearing completely exhausting. As they say, life is short, so why not spend some time enjoying it?

Thanks for your feedback.
Posted By: Patricia - No Kids

Re: The Courage to Face Superwoman - 09/08/13 08:54 AM


That is a great point, that the media took the “women’s revolution” by the horns trying to prove women could do it all. What started out as a need for equality was definitely overemphasized. Although there are some areas of equality that need refinement, we certainly are not expecting to be superwomen.

As more women begin to achieve high positions, perhaps they will begin to use their status to project a better image for young women to aspire to.

I’m glad you are enjoying my articles  Feel free to recommending future topics if any come to mind.

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