I received a bouquet last year of fresh flowers, and in the bouquet was a single branch of filler foliage. It is a single dark green stalk with leaves coming out of it that are somewhat shaped like a fat almond with decent thickness.

This piece of greenery has survived since last June in a vase of water, and a few months ago it started to flower from the undersides of the lower leaves, tiny little white/pale green flowers that have six very thin petals and a purple center stamen, all coming forth from little single buds that are in the center of the undersides of each of the lower leaves. And the little flowers keep coming, two and three at a time from the same buds under the leaves.

I've never seen anything like it. Does anyone know what kind of foliage plant this is? I have had no luck searching for it online.
Now that I work for a florist I was able to solve my own puzzle. The filler foliage that will produce flowers on the undersides of the leaves if kept in water long enough is called Ruscus.
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