Philmont Lament

Posted By: Eagleone

Philmont Lament - 06/18/10 11:11 PM

Envy isn't a term that appears in my vocabulary very often but today is a day when it comes pretty close. The Scouts in the troop I started leave for Philmont today. Hearing that makes me reflect on my visits- once as a Scout and three times as a leader. Those treks were some of my most memorable experiences. The excitement of learning as a Scout. The enjoyment of watching young Scouts mature and take responsibility for themselves as an adult. You can have your Alaskan cruises and houses at the beach. There is nothing like being on the trail at Philmont. I miss not going along but I wish them the best. I know they are in for great memories.
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Re: Philmont Lament - 06/30/10 11:52 AM

Wow Philmont- my hubby went there when he was a scout many years ago. We were just looking at the pictures about a month ago. He has great memories from his scouting days.

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Re: Philmont Lament - 04/12/13 12:35 PM

I am glad you had the opportunity to go on a Philmont trek. I am going for the first time with my son this year. Since I am the Adviser for our Venture Crew this also opened the possibility for female youth members to go, so our crew will be co-ed. Are there any suggestions you have for us?
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