Posted By: Deanna - New Age MP3s or CDs - 07/05/11 03:35 PM
I had a tough time transitioning from buying CDs to MP3s. I missed having a CD, I liked being able to look at the lyrics.

Then I got into buying MP3s and appreciated being able to cut down on my clutter - I'm actually sitting here looking at a stack of about 30 cds on my floor that my son went through a couple of days ago.

But then again, I miss the CDs. Easier to load when I change my iPod from one computer to another, and easier to share with friends. And we have a back-up if we lose what's on our MP3.

Of course, there's the storage issue.

Posted By: Jim Colyer Re: MP3s or CDs - 12/22/11 01:04 AM
They say CDs are on their way out in 2012.

I have 100 mp3s of songs I wrote at my site.
Posted By: Styxx Re: MP3s or CDs - 02/02/16 12:27 PM
Music CDs are a great gifts to give someone. I attended a wedding last month and I gave the happy couple a CD. I designed the cover and I picked 8 songs suitable to the couple.

I pick CDs over MP3 anytime. MP3 just doesn't do for me, though I listen music from it from time to time. Ù©(^á´—^)Û¶

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Posted By: Lisa LowCarb Re: MP3s or CDs - 01/31/21 11:09 PM
I used to love CDs. We had hundreds of them.

Then we moved all our CDs into our computer and it was wonderful. We could listen to whatever music whenever we wanted, instead of having to go dig through CDs. Especially when we wanted to listen to a 'playlist' of a type of song.

Now? I barely go into iTunes. I find things on YouTube when I want to hear them, probably even if I have them in iTunes already ...
Posted By: Angie Re: MP3s or CDs - 02/01/21 12:26 AM
Wasn't iTunes sort of discontinued? I'm sorry about that because I still have my iPod and like to listen to books when I walk and travel.
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