I have to have a gluten free diet and I have had endo. It wasnt untill about a year aafter I started completely gluten free diet that we found that my endo had cleared. At that time the conection was not known. I have 3 older children but, now I am haveing fertility problems.
Hi, did you have a laparoscopy to check if the endo had cleared? Often scar tissue and adhesions form with endo which can cause fertility problems even when the pain and discomfort go away. It is always a good idea to check your thyroid with secondary infertility as the thyroid tends to slow with age, I find that this is a common cause of secondary infertility. If your thyroid has not been checked in a while ask for a TSH test about 7 days after ovulation, ideally it should be below 2.0 for fertility, the USA average TSH is around 1.3 which is a good place to be. Hope this helps
Is there a known connection between celiac and endometriosis?
Yes, there is an article on the connection between celiac and endo on the front page of the bellaonline infertility site right now. Autoimmune diseases tend to coexist, if you have one you are more likely to have others and endometriosis is regarded as being an autoimmune disease:)
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