Greetings-- I'm new to this forum!

Posted By: Fertiltude

Greetings-- I'm new to this forum! - 02/03/12 02:10 AM

Hi all! I'm glad I came across this forum. If there is a specific place for intros let me know. I'm hoping to learn a lot here and contribute some wisdom, based on my experiences with "In Fertiltude" (as in: fertility + fortitude.) :)
Posted By: beth_m

Re: Greetings-- I'm new to this forum! - 02/08/12 11:34 PM

Hi! Glad to see someone else is looking at this forum! I have actually just started TTC, but there are a lot of aspects of this experience that already make me nervous. Seems like each month I am paying close attention to my cycle and go bonkers when something isn't the way it should be. I look forward to your edification and advice :-).
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