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I'm working on an article for a regional parenting magazine. I'm looking at what it's like to be a member of the reserves who's recently come back to his/her family... in other words, I want to talk to a reservist who has children younger than 18. I'm exploring what it's like to make that transition from war (Iraq or Afghanistan) back to family life.

Here's the catch: I need someone who lives in the Syracuse, N.Y. area. I've been calling all the bases in the various military branches here and so far haven't found someone who's come back in the past four or five months who has young kids. (A big Marine reserves unit came back a year ago, but that's too long ago. Others, so far, don't have young kids).

QUESTION: Do you know of a Web site or forum or chat group specifically for members/members' families in the reserves (Army, Navy, Marines or National Guard)in the Central New York area? Is there one forum or site for reserves in general that may have specific forums by geographic region?

I've searched Google groups, Yahoo groups, and our local news source groups and just did a general Internet search and can't find anything so specific. I'm just thinking if there's a Web community where these families congregate, I may be able to make direct contact with a family rather than continuing to go through the hierarchy at these bases.

The problem is it has to be a reservist, not a career soldier, and it has to be someone who lives in the Syracuse, N.Y., MSA. This person also has to have at least one child under the age of 18.

Thanks for any help. I know it's a long shot,

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Posted By: Myster Re: Reserve families in Syracuse, NY - 06/24/04 11:07 PM
Hi Sonja,

I'm more familiar with active duty. So, off the top of my head, I can't think of anything. But give me a few days to research this. We have many Reserve and National Guard troops who train on base before heading overseas. Maybe I can talk to some of them and find out. In the mean time, have you thought about puting an ad in the classifieds of the Syracuse newspaper, calling for possible candidates to interview?
Posted By: Myster Re: Reserve families in Syracuse, NY - 06/26/04 02:14 PM

I've come up with a few places to get you started:

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Thank you very much! I greatly appreciate it.

I also have a call into a higher-level PR person who works out of New York City.

Thanks again,

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